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Dyno Tuning

Ok I think it is time to add a little bit to the help forum so here is a little contribution from me.

For starting out all you need to do is refer to romeo's start out guide (http://www.midnitechallenge.com/forums/s...php?t=3304) this guide is a really good tool for you guys to use to start the game if you do not have your own stratagy you use.


To get the line to go up you will lower the air fuel number. To get the number to go down you will raise the air fuel number.

I will go a little bit more in depth now about Dyno tuning. This is a very easy process once you get the hang of it. The key to this is for a NA car which means that the car has no supercharger or turbo you want to get the Air fuel ratio to 13.5 this will get you very close to 100%, but not perfect if you want to get the dyno to 100% from here all you need to do is adjust the spark plug gap. For this if your 99.50% or lower then I would adjust it .004 at a time. Each time you will take it down this till it gets to like 99.70% then start dropping it by .002 and you will get it to 100%. Going to all this trouble is not really needed, but some people want to be perfectionist.


If your car is FI, which means that the car is either Supercharged or Turbo then you will want to adjust it down to 12.5 air fuel ratio. Then after this drop your spark plug gap to .020 and then adjust it up from there. Take it up .004 each time till you see it at 99.7% or higher then start to adjust it by .002 till you get it up to 100%. Again this process is not needed butif you want to by a perfectionist then this is the easiest way to do it.

Other useful information about dyno tuning

Each time you add a new part you will have redyno the car. To get it back to 100%. If your just adding boost upgrades, nitrous upgrades, or port and polish all you will have to do is go in and redyno the car. You will NOT have to change any numbers and it will keep you at the same percentage as before.

If any other mods want to add something to this you may do so, but for everyone else I am stickying it and locking it. If you have any questions feel free to PM me in the forums or in game.

The Tuning Tips guide has been updated to make it more clear and concise.


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