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TnT Help

Anyone help me with TNT like what's better for the trueno and all do the parts matter is the costlier better and what not general help for tnt aswell like no idea what im doing apart from tire pressure


Please seem my guide here.

any further questions let me know.

Ask me in game for help

wouldn't mind knowing best parts for the trueno if you know..

nikola Wrote:wouldn't mind knowing best parts for the trueno if you know..

Now that's something you have to figure out. Once you become friends with people here and have done stuff for them, then and only then will they help you out.
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that's nice... how about you tell me why my driver level is 8 and my r/t is still 2.6 any help on that?

As for the parts, I just buy the most expensive parts. (Even though they might not be the best part)

As for TnTing its pretty easy it just takes time
*Try Increasing/Decreasing Intervals by one until you see each sections best 60 Ft. Time (**Most Important**).

Dynoing is Easy too once you know how to set the spark plug gap and how to read a dyno graph. Cool

yea i read the 60ft guide but what about r.t

I don't know much about R/T... but I think I heard its only level sensitive, just work on your 60 Ft. Time


your R/T can not be changed. The game decides that. For example, I am level 10, and I beat a racer that is level 13. Both fully tuned F1's, I guess that my was tuned better, but anyways I beat him due to the R/T. He was faster by like .3 seconds, by my R/T was faster than his by .6 seconds.

That story was to show you how inconsistant the R/T, and how much it can effect the race, but you have NO CONTROL OVER IT.
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thx ppl ok good to know. if anyone wants me in their crew [ereKt] IGN

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