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New cash prizes and medals

October 05, 2015
We brought back cash prizes! Please read the Prizes page and our FAQ for more information. We also brought back working as well as To
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MC 3.1 Release

June 02, 2015
The long awaited updates have arrived. We've added a bunch of user submitted changes that will dramatically improve the game play while eliminating some of the issues that plagued
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MC3 Beta Testing Has Begun

February 08, 2015
The long awaited MC3 Beta testing launch phase has officially begun! All those participating in the beta testing period will require a Beta Testing Access Code to log in. You will
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MC 3 Packed With Feature Changes

February 03, 2015
We're are positive that all existing players will love the feature set that we've brought back from the past. Game play should be that much more exhilarating and exciting. Home inv
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Midnite Challenge 3 Release Date

January 28, 2015
We are drawing closer to the final release date of MC3. We've almost completed the update incorporating all the changes requested from our die hard players. Most of these requests
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Beta Testers Wanted!

January 28, 2015
We've been feverishly working on bringing you the latest version of Midnite Challenge! We're getting close! We will be looking for a few beta testers to help us iron out some game
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New Daily Challenges

July 11, 2013
We've added an exciting new feature to Midnite Challenge! To inspire even more competition, compete in the new Daily Challenges and earn extra credits! There's a new daily challeng
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New medals and better experience!

July 08, 2013
Midnite Challenge is continually getting better and better with even more updates! We've added an awesome new medal - Most Pink Slip Races Won to the achievements list. We've also
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Crew Models are back!

April 14, 2013
With the success of the last round of changes to bring back some old features of Midnite Challenge, we've also reintroduced crew models! Work together with your crew to earn crew m
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A blast from the past! Features from the old MC have returned!

March 17, 2013
By popular demand, we've worked feverishly over the last several weeks to bring you a major update which will release today! We've brought back a few popular aspects of game play f
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Even more exciting Home Invasions, plus more!

August 28, 2011
The excitement and thrill of the all new Midnite Challenge continues! We've heard your feedback, and we've made some significant game play changes that will make game play even mor
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Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues

July 03, 2011
For those of you still using Internet Explorer, you may experience some compatibility issues with the latest version of Midnite Challenge. These issues are mostly minor graphical d
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The time has come - Public Beta testing period to begin

July 02, 2011
In anticipation of launching the public release of the all new Midnite Challenge, we will begin a public Beta testing period July 3, 2011. During this time, we welcome all new and
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The Wait is Finally Over! The All New Midnite Challenge

June 13, 2011
The wait is finally over for those hardcore Midnite Challenge fans! A 100% re-written optimized backend, exhilarating front-end and game engine brings the most newest, exciting and
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New users, old accounts and login issues

June 05, 2011
The new user registration process has been streamlined and made super easy for any new comer to join the world of Midnite Challenge! However, due to the server migration and cod
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490 cars brings a variety of new competition

June 04, 2011
The all-new Midnite Challenge brings a vast variety of exciting new cars! Each car is now categorized by overall performance and has it's own set of characteristics and specs that
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New dyno and new tuning

June 04, 2011
The all-new Midnite Challenge brings a new dyno and test'n tune. A new algorithm for dyno and test'n tune provides faster calculations for easier tuning, improved accuracy and b
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