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Full Version: MC Bible Version 2 (Ultimate Guide) - 9/29/2011
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MC Bible revised 9/28/2011 by Teet

So I’m going to start out by saying that this is an awesome and very addictive game. I have met a lot of good friends on this game and have spent 8 years playing it on and off. I wrote the original MC Bible back in 2004 which you can find on the forums, but it is a bit outdated, so I thought I would write a new one.

Now keep in mind that some things will change in the game. Whether it’s different cars or different home invasion numbers, but the basics in this guide have always been basically the same since I started. I have played with the best people to ever play this game and wouldn’t be able to write this guide without them, so I am very grateful for them and this game. This guide is very detailed, so it will probably turn out being a lot to read at one time. I will break it down the best I can and you can just refer to a section as you have questions. Now let’s get started.
The basics

The game is a text based racing game. There are over 100 different cars you can buy, modify, and race. You can also steal people’s cars as well as home invade them and take away money and calendars from their inventory and put it in yours. When you first sign in, you will start out with $20,000 cash, 1,000 credits, 40 energy, and start at level 1.

Cash - Your cash is very important, so don’t waste it on different parts or cars unless you need them.

Credits - You start out with 1,000 credits and you will receive 10 more credits every 10 minutes with a max of 1,000 or if you buy membership ($6 for 1 month) you will earn 20 credits every 10 minutes with a max of 2,000. You honestly won’t be able to compete with the top players unless you have membership, but learn the game first.

Energy - You start out with 40 energy. Every time you race, you use 1 energy. You will build up 1 energy every 5 minutes with a max of 40 that you can build up at one time. You also will receive 1 energy pack, which contains 80 energy, every 8 hours with a max or 4 packs that you can store. If you build 40 energy in your inventory (top right box) and 4 energy packs, race once and use an energy pack so you can start working towards more energy. If you don’t, then you won’t build more packs until you use one and the 8 hour timer only starts once you go to 3 packs.

Level – Everyone starts out at level 1. You reach the next level when you hit 100%. At that point you will have the click the “+” next to the % and pay cash to level to the next level. Each time you race, your % will rise. Sometimes it will rise 1%, but sometimes it might only raise by .1%, so don’t be alarmed if it takes you awhile to level. When you go to race someone, it will tell you how many experience points you get for racing that person. The closer the race is, the more experience points you will get, but be careful not to lose because it will cost you money if you lose.
Getting started day 1

Everyone has a different way of getting started, but I have used this method for 8 years now and I have always had great success with it. Starting out, buy a Honda Del Sol (this is one of those things that might change over time). It will cost you $4,000. This is the best car to have until you get to level 5 (I will go over cars later). This is the fastest car for the price and has the most parts available for it. After you buy the Del Sol, buy an intake, header, and exhaust. With parts, the most expensive parts are usually the best, but at this point, it’s not going to matter that much. You just want to make sure you are faster than people with stock cars. Now, you will need to buy fuel. On the page where you modify your car, click refuel. With the parts you have, you will use about 1% of fuel per race, so watch your fuel level. When you get down to 15%, you will need to refuel and do a tune-up which both will cost you money.

Before you start racing too much, you will need some models to make you some money so you can afford to keep fuel and your car tuned up. Once you have your car, 3 parts, and fuel (which you don’t use for cruising) click the arrow by “Actions” and click “Cruise”. Now always cruise 1 at a time, no matter what level you are or where you are in the game. You will get the most models cruising 1. At this point you will only get 1-3 models per cruise. You will get more models when you cruise the higher your level and the better your win/loss ratio is. After you build up about 50-100 models, you will be set until you level again. My rule is level 1, keep 100 models, once you get to level 2, keep 200 models, level 3 , 300 models etc. Now you will need to click the arrow by “Actions” again and click “Work”. Then click “buy more calendars”. Put all of your cash in calendars and where it says “hours to work your models” put 100 (don’t go over 100 until you are level 5+ and have at least 20,000-50,000 calendars. Where it says “percentage to pay your models” put 10. You can put higher if you want, but don’t go over 13% or you won’t make near as much. The more % you pay them, the happier they will stay, but the less you will make. The higher % of happiness your models are (the % on the models live in the top right box) the more money they will make you. You can make them higher by winning races and keeping a good win/loss ratio.

Work 100 hours and pay them 10%-12% until you sell all of your calendars. The money will go into your cash inventory. Whatever amount that it says you made after you work, you actually only make about 75% of that number (until they fix it). Now that you have some cash on hand (hopefully around $20,000) which you can keep buying calendars and working as much as you want, but you need to start racing with whatever credits that you have left. You can work more later when you get back down to $5000-$10,000 cash.
Racing – When you are choosing someone to race, you can do one of two things. One, you can look at the leaders board and see who has a lot more loses than wins, or you can go to the game stats page and look to see who has the most loses. Everyone round there are 2-3 people who don’t try to level so they will just take loses. DO NOT try to race someone with a lot of wins and very few loses unless you know for a fact that you are a higher level and have a faster car. If you lose, it will cost you cash and you won’t gain any experience, so this is very important. Again, make sure to watch your fuel level and don’t forget to tune your car when you buy fuel. Once you find someone who you are beating in every race, just stick to racing that person so you know you will win. You want to have as few loses as possible to keep your win/loss ratio as high as possible, 95% or higher is ideal. Otherwise it will be hard to get models and for them to make you more money later in the game. There will be some player who will race you just to get models from you because if you lose a race, you have a chance of losing a model if you a beat, but the same works if you beat someone.

Best cars per level
Level 1-4 - Honda Del Sol ($4,000)
Level 5-9 - Ferrari Dino ($57,000)
Level 10-14 - Lamborghini Miura ($420,000)
Level 15+ - Ferrari Tesa ($15,000,000)

Tuning – You can make your car faster by doing a Test’n Tune and Dyno Tune. After you test and tune, you really don’t need to mess with the numbers much, You can play with them some, but keep in mind that by changing the numbers you might make your car faster, but you will probably make it slower. So until you get better at the game, just click Test’n Tune and don’t play with those numbers. After you TNT, you will need to Dyno Tune. With Dyno, you will most likely need to play with the numbers to get the more horse power out of your car. After you click Dyno Tune you will see a chart. It will show your horse power through your RPM’s (1000-9000). You want the red line to be as flat as possible running somewhere between 13-14 Air/Fuel Ration. Don’t worry about getting is perfect, you just need it to be close. Wherever you see the line jump above where you want it, look down and see what RPM it is and to the right of the chart you will see your RPM settings. You can change the RPMs there. Don’t change the number by more than 5 at a time up or down. Say it is a 65, try lowering it to 60, then Dyno it again. If the red line to worse than it was before, go down 5 from what it was to begin with. So if it started at 65 and 60 made it worse, try 70 or maybe even 67. This will take time and you will get better at it the more you practice. Once you get the red line as flat as you want it, Test’n Tune again and see if your 1320 ft time lowered. If it did, you did a good job. If not, go play with the dyno some more. Also, each time you level, you will be able to buy more parts and be able to upgrade certain parts like turbo and NOS, so make sure each time you level (after level 5) you buy new parts that become available to you. After each new part is installed you will need to TNT and Dyno again to get the most out of the part.
Working – I went over most of what you will need to know earlier in the guide. Just remember, don’t work more than 100 hours and 12% until you get a lot of calendars. If you work too much and run out of calendars while your models are working, their happiness will go down and some might even leave you. The best thing to do is once you work 100/12%, whatever money you made, use it to buy more calendars. If you don’t use all of them you can always sell them for face value and get the money back in cash.

Home Invasions and Stealing Cars – Now this is probably the hardest part of the game. It can be very rewarding once you get good at it, but it will cost you a lot of credits and cash learning. I wouldn’t even try to Home Invade someone until you have plenty of cash to lose in case you get caught and have some credits to spare to practice. Now I’m not going to give away numbers in this guide, but I will tell you that you shouldn’t try to home invade someone who is more than 2 times your net worth. As far as what combination of numbers to use, again, practice. The one hint I will give you is don’t use more than 100 credits scoping and more than 200 credits planning. There are several combo’s that work. You will just have to practice or maybe you will get lucky and someone will give you a good combo that works.

Carjacking - Carjacking is a little tricky. It doesnt cost you money if you get caught or dont steal the car, but its harder to do mainly b/c the person has to be cruising. The one hint that I will give you is dont use more than 400 credits trying, but use more than 300. Wink

Crews – You can join a crew or start one of your own. Once you have 5 people in your crew, you will start doing crew races against other crews. You will have 1 crew race an hour and it rotates between your crew as to who races for you. Make sure you keep your crew in fast cars because the crew with the most wins at the end of the round, wins.

Recruiting Models – Right now, this is a waste of time to try. They changed it and now no matter how many calendars you spend trying to recruit models from someone, you won’t get any, so don’t even try this until they change it.

That’s about it. Like I said, this game is very fun and you can meet a lot of good people on it. Remember that it is just a game. I know you will get mad if someone steals your car or home invades you, but it’s part of the game. The more you play, the better you will get. Just look at the first couple of rounds as a learning curve and once you get the hang of it, you will start to hang with the big boys. Have fun and don’t be afraid to ask people questions in the forums or in game chat.

You get 1 energy pack every 8 hours, not 7...

Psh, you think people are gonna trust your guide now after a screw-up THAT monumental?!

You suck.
v2pointOH Wrote:You get 1 energy pack every 8 hours, not 7...

Psh, you think people are gonna trust your guide now after a screw-up THAT monumental?!

You suck.

it say's 8 hours. no0b
teet Wrote:it say's 8 hours. no0b

Yeah, maybe after you edited it!
he said, she said (you are the she btw)
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