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driver lvls

im lvl 15.. anyone lvl 15 2 race me please..
like 2 put your driver lvl on this topic? GOOD Tongue

wow. good idea and suggestion. and i'm glad you made this thread...

no one has ever made one before.


...ok i'm sorry, i don't want to be mean. but please keep this section to IDEAS and SUGGESTIONS. and check around for threads already made before posting one Big Grin
midnite is spelled wrong.

true dat..move this to rev2 discussions..

yes, and done, so please, some1 flame this guy so i can move it 2 flame wars Smile
i AM...
[Image: american_05.jpg]

hahaha...poonman jus wants to talk shit i guess...lol...

eRazorzEDGE Wrote:yes, and done, so please, some1 flame this guy so i can move it 2 flame wars Smile

nah, it's his first post. probably his first session too.
midnite is spelled wrong.

i guess ur rite, i'll lay off................... 4 now :wink:

Quote:hahaha...poonman jus wants to talk shit i guess...lol...

oh, fuck yes!! we can totally cus and say shit like SHIT, FUCK, PUSSY, ASS, COCK, DICK and make sentences like, i stuck my DICK n this bitch's ASS and got SHIT on it, then i put it n her PUSSY and said, "oh FUCK that was great!" Tongue

edit: damn, guess we still can't say fuck, i'm sad now Sad
i AM...
[Image: american_05.jpg]

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