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can someone help me tune my cars i have asked and not very m

I dont exactly know how to tune my cars really well so i get maximum performance can i get some help please

Spam 5/0 untill you get between 1000 and 2000 attempts and you can make yor own numbers.

But if you haven't got the time/credits to do that, just use 69/169, 120/180 and 450/450. They are all good numbers.

I got 45 hits last round with 120/180 and about 10 more with 69/169.
You use to write like a normal person and now youre enrolled in the mecca_boy school of blatant keyboard abuse.

Bullshit Dannyboy.

those #'s are too high. right now my ratio for hitting is 1 in 6. I didnt spam 5/0 and my combos are not higher than 152 credits.

lowest combo used is 110 credits....

yer i got 30 attmpets

my numbers r


I want the 110 one lol, most of mine are below 152 but the 69/169 does work if I am having a bad run

29/129,29/169 and 69/169 are all good numbers but i just try random numbers like 18/118 worked twice in 2 min for me 26/108 work a couple of times....just try any combo just cause it does not work first time does not make it a bad combo.
Try getting real drunk then hitting ppl. I find that the best way to make up combos cause you can't see what your typin.

Quote:Try getting real drunk then hitting ppl. I find that the best way to make up combos cause you can't see what your typin.

who u think taught me to HI

gijoe himself

No high ratio needed:

Stolen Cars: 1
Home Invasions: 109
Attempted Thefts: 709
You were caught: 55 times

Stolen Cars: 0
Home Invasions: 201
Attempted Thefts: 1216
You were caught: 156 times

this is what I use OK....

5/110, 5/169


Date Victim Type Damages
11/23 7:17am Free_Wins_Renzo HI $22,500,615 Home

I spammed and now I am 5/0 and now I am gaining on everybody without spending. I get more hits per 1k then most people.

HI'n is however you like it to be honest. Anybody can hit at anytime it's all how you play the odds.
When I Fall Asleep You're All That I See, I Wish I Could Be All That You Mean To Me, My Angel Without Wings Smile

Rakim I love you <3

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