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For Raymond...

Raymond, i wanted to thank you for fixxing up the past winners page, and making the hall of fame look much much better!
I'm sure the people who had 20 icons or something taken away will be a bit happier that their accomplishments look a bit better!
Thanks Ray!

Panda o_O
[Image: steamby4.th.gif]

yous a suck upppppppppp
All I need is One Mic.

Not what i was getting at David =.=
i like the new past winners page thingy more than the last one.. that's all.. =.=


[Image: steamby4.th.gif]

I liked the old one... IMO it was less man+man
When I Fall Asleep You're All That I See, I Wish I Could Be All That You Mean To Me, My Angel Without Wings Smile

Rakim I love you <3

This one is pretty cool. Only thing i would change is that Skogey stole way more and make the text size a little bigger..
All I need is One Mic.

the first one was easier to find yourself but the second one has more put into it Smile
[Image: club.gif]

i agree with god...this has more emphasis on the vets of the game...the peeps with oustanding awards...but the peeps with like 1 medal its harder to find urself...

I don't appreciate being on the second page of Top 25 Cry

1 top 25 icon isn't the greatest accomplishment in the world. i could care less that i'm on page 2. i like the new HOF much more than the last one. good work
midnite is spelled wrong.

im in the first page of half of em Tongue

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