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When is Test & Tune gonna be fixed????????

OneHotBitch Wrote:
mSzura Wrote:
OneHotBitch Wrote:Why is nobody able to Test & Tune? Is this so people aren't able to compete for WWIII.............

what was the comment in bold for then..

happy hols rach -_-; lol

It isn't nor was it ever...in bold!

Happy hols to you too.

what was the words i bolded for, then.


The problem I think is with S2000's over 2100 power factor. I did not have a problem till I went past that
Redneck not Retard
my rank

OneHotBitch Wrote:
modogg85 Wrote:all you got to do is get someones TnT website, so that you can then start tuning yoru car. Put that in your browser and you will find that one of the settings is outta range...change that setting back into range and you can fix it

OR............the problem could just get fixed... Is it really too much to ask?

yes. if not channelled the right way. mike was just trying to share on an alternate way of doing it. -.-

bug forums, ty.


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