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Old School Players

So was just thinking ... alot of the old school players are not around .

anyone hear from any of them

for example ..
Dan Danger

etc , etc, etc

anymore names come to mind ?

There are alot of players.


Guess that they have just moved on.

From: rTx Date: Nov 19, 07 - 02:43PM Delete Reply
not really playing just dicking around

From: rTx Date: Nov 19, 07 - 02:42PM Delete Reply
college..i aint got no time for this mc nemore.. its devoted to bitches, gettin money, school, and uh halo 3 ha

mecca :postwhore:

R2R randy was on here wit zura not too long ago
*shrug* like Mike said... most of them just moved on and are leading healthy lives...
or they got sucked into rose and wow and all that shit... found new addictions :p
*insert signature here*

R2R new addiction is crack. Its good for you. LMFAO these games are like crack to me.

A couple more..

733 cars stolen..........that was a long time ago....


hit up these forums for R2R :x

Ed posts over there from time to time as well (poonman)

I haven't talked to/seen jamie around at all for a long long time..

I still talk to paul aka Tactman. He has been busy with school and playing COD4 on Playstation 3. Was talking about coming back and playing some just to hang out with the old crew a little bit.

Randy has a forum that some people still post on. Apparently a lot of them play ROSE now, or were a few months ago. I haven't seen Zura or Ed in a long time though. I think most of us just got bored of the game. This is actually my first session back in more then a year, heh; good game email updates.

Nicke is the only name I have to contribute, he was a fucking pompous prick.

lmfao ,

but what fun they brought to the game.

would be great to see some of them back sometime.

yet its funny they have been gone for ages now.and they are not forgot.

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