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my new car

shit i got 500$ for breaking my hand in a car accident....if u got neck n back pains then u'd get more then i got lol

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stock_honda Wrote:and tonight, i was stoped at a stop light on the highway i guess that whats you call it about to turn left, and some dumbass rams the ass end of my car causing damage to 9 cars, so now i have a smashed right taillight and half the right side is fucked to, its coll though, full covereage, and the hospital hooked me up lol

Dang, sorry to hear about the accident. Cars are replacable, people aren't. Hope you're alright!

just found out today my insurance company is going to pay for my car, and they were going to give me 3,900 but i have a $500 deductible and there was one spot in the front right fender that had a dent and some rust and for that they took off $100 so i am getting 3,300 for the car, i have to take my pain i guess up withh the other insurance company

we were going to have to take the lady we got in an accident with to small claims court. luckily she settled out of court though. maybe something to think about, give the guy at fault a call, and tell him if his insurance doesn't pay for your pain, unfortunately he will :/

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