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Game/forum mods..........

lol....yea chad always says what he means...lol...

I Told You Niggas 9 10 Times Stop Fucking With Me
Put That Knife In Ya
Take A Little Bit Of Life From Ya
Am I Frightening Ya?
Shall I Continue
Put The Gun To Ya Let It Sing You A Song
I Let It Hum To Ya
The Others One Sing Along
Now It's A Duet?
Nd You Wet, When You Check Out The Technique
From The Two Teckz

Dyna Wrote:He didn't say anything about stripping medals... I was kinda hoping for something jiggy like Jeremy has, not that it makes any difference. But it would be good for brand new players to be able to spot you somehow. Like maybe a big GAME HELP or something they couldn't miss.

he did to me...my lower lvl IDE's are probably going to get removed...same with jeremys...thats the whole reason he wanted us to contact him...

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