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dns error

ok here is one. ill post more as i can screen shot them. i recieve a crew loss and it says "does not finish" because of no car. well we have a crew car. my personal car was stolen and i cant compete in crew races after that.

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.jpg   dns error.jpg (Size: 15.91 KB / Downloads: 4)

the average level of the crew does not effect the crew car or crew races, it works off the leaders level. if im below the crew average i cannot buy cars or parts that equal crew average, if im over the crew average i can buy watever is open for my level. so instead of it being a crew battle, it is who ever has the highest level wins top crew.

ok well for one the crew races do not always go thru. not understanding why but we missed alot of the course of the session, photo attached.

also, fire and ice's crew; the guy has 600 wins and is running low 10's in a
F class honda del sol. definitely exploiting a bug there. no way that car can run that fast at his level, not even close...

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.png   dns error.png (Size: 77.02 KB / Downloads: 1)

its still happeningSad

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.png   winloss error5.png (Size: 76.5 KB / Downloads: 2)
.png   winloss error6.png (Size: 75.36 KB / Downloads: 1)

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