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Suggestions for Version 3.1

I am going to list my suggestions for 3.1 as I feel the base core of the game is great but there are things that need fixing so below I will post my fixes/suggestions.

1: Battles should not use gas and fuel

Why? Simple battles are a big way of gaining money and should be the big basis of the actual game itself. There is no reason for the game to be so hardcore and this way stops it, it allows people to make money while offline, get on and tune and test cars without losing races because they cannot be here to refuel or tune up. This in my opinion makes the game a lot better, however H2H races should use fuel and nos.

2: H2H races should be limited to 200 races completed every 8 hours.

Why? H2H races should not be subjected to those who have more credits than the other, they should be a base membership racing to run out of credits and help fund the car and the battles do the rest from there. The P2P battles lose a lot of fun to them when one person can clearly win based on the credits spent and their RT instead of an equal playing ground where people can be around the same level so that it makes things more challenging.

3: Cruising should also be limited to 200 cruises every 8 hours.

This is to once again stop the abuse of credits being used to dictate wins, if models are a big part of getting money from P2P battles then this needs to stop being funded by winning or by wallets, it needs to be a strategy game for everyone who can log in once or twice every 8 hours to spend their credits wise until the next batch come in. To me this makes perfect sense in helping build a strategic, tuning racing game.

4: P2P battles should have a different PF maximum each day

The simple reason for this is that the game should be about tuning, and finding the best cars for the certain day and making all cars relevant, there is no reason for this to be a spending game with all that has been changed to the game to make it more fun and more casual. Different PF maximum's allow that to be the case as myself and Chris have found it fun trying to find the best PF car for 475 but now we have it narrowed down and need it to change to increase the fun of the game.

These are my suggestions so far along with fixing the game so that it pays out money for those who run out of fuel or breakdown at least until such time where I think my suggestion on battles not using fuel is added as it is a big fun part of the game. I may add more if I think of more things but for now I feel the base is so much better than V3 it just needs some tweaks.

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