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Whats going on?

Hey everyone.. Not sure why of this but countdowns done and period didnt start. I was just talkin to rom3o and he said it might not start too? Can some one please fill me in.
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give it a few more mins
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it usually dont start the first time the clock hits zero
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90teg2 says:
and if i cant eat it i dont want it!!

i'll give it an hour, if its not up.. nap time :grin:
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Yeah same thing happened here

just give it like 10-20 mins lol
the game dont always start on time
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Quote:i'll give it an hour, if its not up.. nap time :grin:

Amen Brother

Ray is sitting back Giggling saying look at all those silly SOB's with nothing better to do waiting for me to press this button. LOL
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Lol i see.. ive never really been around the second it hits 0 so thanks for the info. GL guys!
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they screwing around with us again
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Lmao ... just push the button..ok now..you can do it?..ok now!.. NOW!!! AHH! lol Tongue
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