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Whats up

Whats up everyone

Name is THEONE24 on MC some may know me most probably wont, just stopping by to see whats been up, i see some new names around here which is good but see some old too which is also good

just wanted to say hey and see how everyone is doing


<3 Tyler

Hello Tyler!! good to see u on hear after so longSmile
hope u doing good...


hey wrath haven't talked to you in ages, i am doing good man...

i am about to get married, and do that that grown up shit lol but yes i am doing good, how have you been?

about the game whats been new with it lately?

from what i've been told it's sucked lately

OuTkAsT_2 Wrote:from what i've been told it's sucked lately

i have heard pretty much the same thing too,

and who are these new spenders i am hearing about, some kids that hung around krazy and got that spending bug? lol

don't forget the macro bug and the car abuse bug too! :o

hi kev :x

Kevin is still around? Krazyman?

lol no wonder i have see so much hating he has a natural nack for that i guess

good to see some i ran with still aroudn though

your still alive?!?!
*insert signature here*

always you can bring this down man, what are you thinking


how ya been man?

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