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It just all depends how much cash they have.

because ferraris are worth 4 mill now.

Also is there a period of how long you can be out of your car?

Because last 2 times i havent logged in for more then 8 hours it seems to put me in a stock civic haha.

But the funny thing is i dont buy and sell civics, I buy miatas and sell them.

Ive changed my password everyday now, just incase someones got some bug that can automatically get into your account.

crazyfrog555 Wrote:yeh your right joHnny,but ive managed to steal way over what the payout says alot of the time..and if they dont have cash..i just get a few cali's.

yea same here bro ... not sure what the dealeio is with that then ...

as for dalton ... thats freaking weird dude ... i assume some1 is getting into your account ? because surly if that was a bug it would have come up before at some stage
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

new bug i guess..

[iSEX] SexyTimeKiro had way over 20k losses..his win/loss went back to 0/0...Smile
[Image: 53369.png]

I am teh Fail Frcg Big Grin

Erm,After Kiro's losses got put back to 24k...the other 1.5k i had done on him before disapeared from me..i had 17k wins..before just racing the 500 i just did,i obv. had 15.5k...so i think when his losses got put back on,the other losses were taken away aswell as the wins and the cms from me and any1 else who raced him while he had the bug?
[Image: 53369.png]

I am teh Fail Frcg Big Grin

The Ford GT40 Mark 3 only goes up to level 1 on upgrades?
[Image: 53369.png]

I am teh Fail Frcg Big Grin

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