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Best Porsche Boxster S Setup

Someone should just post a parts list for him.

836 is the max PF with the Boxster. I'm at 833 and don't really care enough to go for max. Once I get the 911 GT3 I'll worry.
Miss Kelly

If noone ever noticed, parts list for the boxster & the gt3 are the same o_O

- Turbocharger: None
- Supercharger: None
- Intercooler: None
Nitrous Oxide: Zex Smart Nitrou... [1]
- Weight Reduc.: Stage 0
- Port and Polish: Stage 1


NA Intake: Rennsport Racing...
NA Header: Ruf Classic Stai...
NA Cams: Ruf Solid Lifer ...
NA Pistons: Techart Tuning P...

Exhaust: Strosek Titanium...
Testpipe: Rennsport Circui...
Throttle Body: Techart Individu...

Damper: Bilstien Adjusta...
Susp. Arms: Progress Control...
FT Upper Bar: Techart Front Up...
RR Upper Bar: Ruf Rear Upper B...
FT Lower Bar: EVO Front Lower ...
RR Lower Bar: Ruf Tuning Rear ...
Tires: Pirelli Pzero Ne... [100]
Rims: TechArt 19x11 St...
Brakes: Ruf Big Brake Ki...

Aero Kit: Ruf Aerodynamics...
CF Hood: Techart Carbon F...
Spoiler: Ruf Carbon Fiber...
- Mesh Grill: None
- Eye Lid: None
Mirror's: Ruf Side View Mi...
Fender's: Hamann Wide Body...
Window Tint: Window Tint Limo...

- Head Lights: None
Tail Lights: Ruf Euro Style R...
Under Glow: Super Hi -Tech U...

Seats: Recaro SPG Compe...
Boom System: Alpine and MB Qu...
Window Visor: OEM Window Rain ...

Indiglo Gauges: Autometer Silver...
Water Temp.: Momo Gauge Syste...
- Boost Pressure: None
Oil Pressure: ABD Racing - Oil...

This was from the last time I got a gt3

[Image: 848-PF-for-gt3.jpg]
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The list I just posted is for max PF for both the gt3 and the boxster..

thanks for the post guys, it helped me alot. but whats the best TnT setting?

No one car will really be the same, you'll hafta take your time on that one
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The highest I have gotten the Boxster S to was a Handling Rating of 863.

However, you give up a little in your Pimp Factor.

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