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New game idea! A game for the players, designed BY the players!

i agree with you teet i think it would be alot better if we could design our cars and stuff and i also think that this game should be more about racing also

Yah definatly more racing, if you made working more dependent on your level then you might get more racing in general.

yea i was thinking the same thing bro

It makes sense, I mean pwople will race alot more if they know that only way you can make real money is by raising your level. And another thing that would be nice is more exp. Now that our sessions are only 2 weeks long we dont have enough time to get to the higher levels, making level 15 is an achievement in most cases

ya i seen the last couple rounds highest lvl people go to is 15...i dont mind racing more but the xp now sucks hahaha...so do something with the xp aswell...

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You guys are just saying, "do something about it"... How the hell is any of this gonna work if you don't suggest ACTUAL solutions...


what really fucks me off is you get hied by some people for like 11,000$. you go to Hi them back and you get 500$ wtf is up with that shit. i get a spam of 200$ to 600$ not even over 1 thousand when i know they have alot more. But i always seem to get taken down more and more then actually going up lol

back to the money races and more direct competitions

add this one admin

- add thugs and thieves
- add guns and armor for thugs and knives for thieves while doing a car jack or home invasion
- add a race where bots and players can race for pink slips
- add delivery request where bots will ask for certain cars and will pay money and increase net worth
- probably return the work,, because it’s too slow earning money by doing races and collecting models on low level
- reduce the cost of skill upgrade

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