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Kao - Please read - Game ideas

1. Do something about the energy. Its totally unnecessary, we all know that's it just another way of bringing some $$$$ your way but its putting people off playing this game. Basically if you're willing to spend $20-$30 per session you can win the game, that's all there is to it. Can you maybe bring back some semblance of online racing, maybe only using energy for online races and credits for offline racing, maybe you get more exp per race from online racing, this could bring a bit of life back into the game, as it stands there's no reason to stay online, log on, waste credits, log off, there's no community anymore in this game.

2. Multiple accounts, perhaps the biggest problem with this game to date. You really have to do something about it, 90% of the players have 1 or more accounts, some have a hell of a lot more (not going to name anyone here but please if you don't do anything else at-least sort this out)

3. Bring back a numerical input format for buying calenders. I hate having the spam the buy button with 1mill selected to buy my calendars, this can take along time especially when you're buying 10-50-100mill+ calendars so please bring back a numerical input format.

4. Make the crews smaller, let's be honest, there isn't enough players to warrant 5 man crews in this game, as it stands, you could maybe, maybe get 2 crews of 'actual players' and the others are multis, any chance of bringing it down to say 3 man crews, make it more interesting to have 2/3/4 crews of 3 players each actually competing to win top crew. It's way to easy to win at the minute.

5. I liked the idea of a drag tournament (some other guys already posted this) any chance of implementing it ? You'd need to take this into consideration though, if you do choose to set this up please make sure that its not run in classes (class C,D,A,S,R1 etc) because you can build a Honda Del Sol at level 10 and upgrade nos,pnp,weight redo and turbo to the max and you don't have to dyno tune the car to make it faster, dyno it only going to add between 3/9mph to the top speed depending on what level you are and how far you've upgraded the car. I don't know how you would fix this issue, perhaps have a drag tournament that's dependent on levels (1-3, 4-7, 8-11 etc) although this will throw up its own issues (not many people in this game get beyond level 6/7).

6. Give some sort of incentive to new players to hang around. Recently there have been some new players signing up (in amongst all the multis) but they never stay very long, few days at the most, why not install some sort of system or prize for new players like a free membership for completing a full session or something, I don't know, just throwing this idea out here.

7. Start up competitions again. Something like, most HI's in a day or most xp gained in a day, anything really that may kick a bit of life back into the game and the forums.

8. There's a few bugs still in the game. When you are burning NW by selling cars in your garage you have to cruise then work 10credits to reveal your true net-worth after you've burnt away what you want, for some reason the game doesn't update your NW for you, you have to tell the system to update it by working and cruising. Another is a car build bug. I can build a Testa Rose at level 15 and get the max PF of 126 but when I go to cruise you only get 0-3 models per turn whereas you should be getting anywhere between 15-60 per turn, in order to solve this you have to build a new car all over again, and sometimes this doesn't solve the problem (last session I built 5 in a row that had this bug before I got fed up and had to build a Merc jeep instead in order to cruise)

9. Personally I think there is too much give in the speeds in which cars can do. Take this for example - a honda del sol at level 4 with all the correct parts installed and dyno tuned will run anywhere between 88-96mph a range of 8mph which is not consistent, it varies each race (makes it harder to get exp if you cant tune a car to match someones speed) this is the same for most cars in the game regardless of what level you are. A varying range of 6-10mph per race is a little much especially when its random.

Well, there you have it, this is all I can think of at the minute, now I do like this game, I would like to see it grow and bring in some new (and old) blood but the only way this is going to happen is if you (Kao) choose to do something about it, there's no point in you reading this if you're just going to ignore/forget about it (like the in-game mods idea), please please listen to the ideas and tips of the people that are actually playing and enjoying this game, we want to help make it better, for us and for you (more people playing = more $$$$$$ per round) so please take these ideas into consideration.

Thanks for the post! We're working on a revamp which includes some of these. We'll consider/chat about your other ideas though... would also love to see new players stick around - figure out a way to do that..

Please listen to ryans ideas he plays this game alot and hes an old member. The only way new players to stick around is by making the game with good daily prizes and a motivation to stay like get a medal or credits for reaching certain goals not just at end of sessions. Theres gotta be motivation to everything! Good to be back lets fix this game thanks

Why not get together some of the guys who play and have an open chat. I'd like to be involved because I have been playing since 2003 (the date on my account is bullshit) so I have a good view of what worked well in previous versions and also not so well.

Great to hear back so fast, it's encouraging. Whether you do something or not about this is another, but please if you do nothing else, please get rid of the multi accounts and the people that created/use them, if you do nothing but this I will be happy, the multis and their creators are ruining this game for me and others who can play and win without cheating.

As for dealing with multi accounts why not make it so that you have to link your account with Facebook/MySpace/twitter etc so you can see who's who and determine whether they're a multi or not. Loads of more ideas but no point in voicing them until I hear back from you

R_Y_A_N Wrote:As for dealing with multi accounts why not make it so that you have to link your account with Facebook/MySpace/twitter etc so you can see who's who and determine whether they're a multi or not. Loads of more ideas but no point in voicing them until I hear back from you

We've considered that and are working on it however it won't stop multi's completely. Not everyone has Facebook/Twitter and you can't force someone to link their MC account to it.

Maybe stop abusing bugs also Ryan cheers.

sharpie Wrote:Maybe stop abusing bugs also Ryan cheers.

i guess the model bug was never fixed?

teet Wrote:i guess the model bug was never fixed?

What model bug?

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