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Ideas you want to be implemented.

Post it here and if you dont post by the thread and criticize people's ideas ill ban you. That easy.
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I am retired ... long live SILENCE

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Getting harassed? Have a cheat or bug to report? Have ideas to help the game. Feel free to contact me

jeremy brown says
im gay i like men

plain and simple...

GET RID OF AP!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to know how Ray/Cres took the idea I had. The one where you could steal from the dealership, no level restriction on what you can boost, like with normal theft.
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We would all like ray to pop in and say what he thinks and the pro/cons of each idea ...then we can actuly think up some good one's that might tempt him to try.

i already said the best one of all...

how bout bringing back some decent level 1 cars like the miata or corolla

bigger crews like in the old days

please make a seperate thread for the suggestions

fine i'll do that then

getting rid of the 12k creds for recruiting 100k im's, if there's going to be a reward for that, it should be made a bit more difficult
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