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whats the diff of "the new mc"

Hey i used to play all the time on the "old" mc i guess and now me n a friend came back for a bet on who can own who ona race for pinks on last day.

So i've been doin pretty good this session considering i probly qualify for "noob" status

But whats really differnt? i noticed the exp lvl list were diff and of couse whats the fastest car but thats normal.

btw on my old one i used to be hondakilla001 but i doubt anyone will remember me

I remember you Smile

Alot has changed, no more racing for cash... thefts are easier, exp comes easier at higher NW's and by equal lvl people.

Top cars are the S2K, NSX, Rover, GT3 but the last 2 cost alot Confusedhock: lol

No more "set" person wins... it's all about luck with some skill. Game is alot faster paced...
When I Fall Asleep You're All That I See, I Wish I Could Be All That You Mean To Me, My Angel Without Wings Smile

Rakim I love you <3

lol i rememberd u but ura top player so it's not hard

Bank:$55,939,753 ..... i just need the lvlTongue lol

yea it woulden't let me use my old name i was pissed

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