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My ideas Rev 3.1

Remove BR:

everyone knows it doesnt matter if you have 10 or 10,000 points you still get the same amount of cms. This will eliminate most uses for a multi.


Make cm's available offline:

This renders auto clickers, macro's and bots useless. but you only gain cms through scheduled races not offline.


Adjust QM:

Adjust QM to race anyone else on QM. instead of racing the usual race range where you get matched up to the closest person outside of your crew it races anyone.
this meaning you may get put up against the fastest person or the slowest. so the higher level you are in perspective to everyone else, theoretically you should win more races.

Ask me in game for help

good ideas vaughn.
:yahoo:NZ__EVO.. Im In Love With A Stripper.....


i agree with those ideas. They are great
[SIZE="5"]#1 most icons in game.[/SIZE] CoolWink:redface:Big Grin

I am retired ... long live SILENCE

[SIZE="5"]My Sluts

Pandera !!!!

[Image: laker.gif]
[Image: 49175.png] [Image: 49175-3199.gif]

Getting harassed? Have a cheat or bug to report? Have ideas to help the game. Feel free to contact me

jeremy brown says
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if there's a way the cheat there will be cheating. Just that simple.
Always ready for a new challenge.


HOMIEPA Wrote:if there's a way the cheat there will be cheating. Just that simple.

yeah, but eliminating most of them will make it more fair for everyone from noob to vet

hahahaha if there is a will there is a way...just like rolling multi's through a crew to work their credits with 0 risk of losing cms.

It doesn't net u much but after 50-100 of them thats 100,000 free creds

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