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New Ideas

Hey, thought I would throw some idea's out there to try get a bit of competition going. Last round was very boring lol granted I got a flying start but I thought for sure someone would chase me down. Thank god you capped the models too or Id of been in the trillions lol. Apparently there is away around it though, racing a few people and then working 10 creds a few times then cruising gets you 50k extra models at a time or something like that. Tried it and it works at times.

There needs to be something added to give players reasons to race pvp. No body will race now because they are afraid to lose. Also I found when racing the bots it wasn't really worth while, was making very little cash in comparison to what I made working my creds, if I raced bot's in pvp for 10 hours I would have made far less cash than working 1000 creds so why bother?

Things you could add or change are

Double crew models when racing PVP compared to racing Head v Head.

Make it so that you make the same cash racing a bot in PVP as a palyer. It will encourage people to race PVP and it will be hard for people to watch them without trying themselves.

You need to increase the cash you make racing PVP so its like a percentage of what you would make when you workings creds, racing for 1-2 hours in PVP should be the equivalent cash of working a 1000 creds or something like that so that in encourages people to stay online. As I said above, racing PVP for 10 hours wouldn't make you anywhere near what you would for working 1000 creds.  

Crews for me is what makes good competition, if two crews get going then that's at least 6 players guaranteed to be putting hours into the game, so you need to give people more reason to set up a crew and have a go, a lot of players wont join a crew because they would rather be able to steal of everyone. You need to give players more reason to want to join a start/join a crew. I think by changing the prize you could do this, a far better prize for getting top crew would be free membership the following month, still costs you nothing but you lose out on few $$ but it will create more competition.

Another thing you could add, is a "membership plus" lol .... an extra option, increases your credit bank limit to 3000 and load 3x faster.

Also another thing to encourage people to race and put time into playing and learning how to tune is, offer a prize for someone who beats the records on IDE CARS ... Firstly if you beat them then you most certainly deserve a prize, because getting to lvl 45 and finding all the right parts and tuning takes a lot of work and play time. I think again offering a free month membersip for each record broken would be good, so if someone breaks all 3 they should get 3 free months membership. I can see loads of people giving it a go lol but I can also see loads of people failing because I set good records lol ...

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